week8 The Fate of the State

This week I am going to discuss about Government2.0 use example of the issues of Edward Snowden, and discuss the question of what kind of role do media play within this issue. Government 2.0 is an open government with all functions visible. Within this new generation, government seems have to become more transparency, it is a trend to become open and visible. But it’s still hard to really become a Government2.0. (Styles, 2009)

People now are having more freedom to join the politics and having more power to effect the government. Thanks to the developed media and internet. That’s why Government2.0 is required by public. People are no longer satisfied with the current situation. The case of Finland shows the improvement. Finland now allows citizens to propose new laws online, and if an initiative gathers enough votes, the government must vote on it. Finland has taken steps to make crowdsourced laws a reality. (Hill, 2012)

The citizens of Finland can either be very general proposals for requesting the government to take action upon some issue, or they can be in the format of actual law proposals with the actual clauses, legal language, and same format as the bills would be that come from the government.Because the internet access in Finland is widespread, Internet use is near 90 percent; make the crowdsourcing laws become possible. That’s a very successful example that populace can engage their governments, it’s a good start of Government2.0.

More, the case of Edward Snowden shows how important of media. Snowden spread the information through the Internet to the public, and cause huge affects to American government. Due to the properties of Internet which are transparency and immediate widespread, let the news can spread around the world. It is this case lead people to concern more about the privacy. Government use safety excuses to ask for people’s privacy, and some people may give up their privacy as concern for countries’ safety. But some people stand up to fight for their rights. It’s still a long way to go for the Government2.0.



Hill, David J. (2012) ‘Finland’s Next Laws To Come From Online Proposals By Citizens’, Singularity Hub, October 11, <http://singularityhub.com/2012/10/24/finlands-next-laws-to-emerge-from-online-crowdsourced-proposals/>

Styles, Catherine (2009) “A Government 2.0 idea – first, make all the functions visible’, <http://catherinestyles.com/2009/06/28/a-government-2-0-idea/>

Wikipedia (n.d.) ‘Edward Snowden’, Wikipedia, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden>


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